Cunzàto Bread

Published : 01-16-2017 11:37:55
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Cunzato Bread recipe
bread means seasoned bread and it is an old sicilian recipe. According to our tradition it is seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, tomato, cheese, anchovies, oregano, salt and pepper but we would like to suggest a new Mediterranean sea version to remember sicilian fishermen that used to eat lunch with "cunzato bread" at the end of their fishing trip.
Easy to prepare, this seasoned bread has all mediteranean flavors and it is ideal for a pic-nic with friends o a boat ride enjoying sun and sea. Preparation time: 10 minutes.


  • Durum wheat bread
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Semi dried cherry tomatoes
  • Red Tuna
  • Anchovies
  • Capers patè
  • Sea salt infused with lemon and mint


Cut the bread in half and add the extra virgin olive oil heated previously. Spice with salt and black pepper as you like and spread over the capers patè. Stuff the bread with semi dried cherry tomatoes, anchovies and red tuna drained. Relax and enjoy your meal.

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