Mediterranean Diet

Published : 01-11-2017 12:03:28
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mediterranean diet
Cunzato promotes the Mediterranean diet and the use of its seasonal and natural products. The Mediterranean diet is not just a diet, but rather a lifestyle, the same one that can still be felt in Sicily, especially in those villages where time seems to stand still.
The benefits are documented by continuous research, to mention the most recent, the Cambridge University showed an incidence of 16% in less than cardovascolari disease on a sample of 27 thousand people, studied for a period ranging from 12 to 17 years.
An Italian study shows a 37% reduction in mortality in general in those who respect this kind of power and finally, according to research published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, protects against cancers of the head and neck.

The philosophy of Cunzato combines with the dictates of the Mediterranean diet, the choice of seasonal foods, which follow techinche of genuine cultivation, their preparation but especially the way these are shared and consumed.
In fact in 2010 the UNESCO has inserted a World Heritage Site stressing that "The Mediterranean diet is more than just food. It promotes social interaction, since communal meal is the basis of social customs and festivities shared by a given community, and gave rise to a considerable body of knowledge, songs, maxims, tales and legends. the Diet is grounded in respect for the territory and biodiversity, and ensures the conservation and development of traditional activities and crafts linked to fishing and farming in the Mediterranean communities ". Exactly the lifestyle we try to bring all over the world !!
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