Terms and conditions
The present conditions determine an agreement between Cunzato S.r.l.s. (from now on called “Supplier”) and the “Consumer” with reference to the distance selling of goods through the web site WWW.CUNZATO.COM (and its domanis), of property of Cunzato S.r.l.s.
with its registered offices in Palermo, Piazza Federico Chopin 3, V.A.T. 06527580820 mail: info@cunzato.com.
All the transactions will be regulated by the Italian law, and, when applicable, by the Lgs. Decree of 09/06/ 2005. (Consumer code); as regards privacy and data protection, it will be regulated according to the D.Lgs. 196/2003.

1) Definitions:

a) Consumer: the physical person that buys goods on the web siteWWW.CUNZATO.COM;
b) Producer: the manufacturer of the product (or one of its broker), put on sale on the web site WWW.CUNZATO.COM;
c) Product: any goods put up for sale on WWW.CUNZATO.COM;

2) Characteristics of the product:

The essential characteristics of the product of the present contract are described in details and shown on the e-catalogue on the web site WWW.CUNZATO.COM and they refer to the information provided by the producer.Cunzato S.r.l.s. won't be responsible for any lack of conformity of the product as compared to the information presented by the producer in the data sheets, labels, price lists, catalogues, brochure, flyers or other similar document.The pictures are for illustrative purposes only. They may not be representative of the product because they might differ for size and colour.

3) Selling prices:

All the prices of the products on the e-catalogue are inclusive of V.A.T. and any other taxes.

4) Orders:

The Consumer can buy only the products available in the e-catalogue on the web site WWW.CUNZATO.COM at the time of the order.
The indication of the availability of a certain product or its quantity is subject to variations and it does not necessarily imply the actual availability of the product at the time of the placing of the order. Thus the placing of the order from the Consumer corresponds to a purchasing contract application.
The successful retrieval of the Consumer proposal will be confirmed by Cunzato S.r.l.s. by email to the address provided by the Consumer in the purchasing contract application., with the identification data of the sent order.

5) Purchase contract:

The purchase contract between Cunzato S.r.l.s. and the Consumer is to be considered closed, after the check on the availability of the product, with the formal acceptance from Cunzato S.r.l.s.
Cunzato S.r.l.s. can accept or refuse the placing order of the Consumer, without he may advance any right or claim of damages as a consequences of the non-acceptance, even in part, of the order. Cunzato S.r.l.s. will inform the Consumer about the acceptance or any refusal of the contract by email, to the address provided.

6) Payment terms:

The Consumer can pay goods or services according to the terms indicated on the web site WWW.CUNZATO.COM:
a) by credit card via Paypal circuit;
b) by bank transfer to Cunzato S.r.l.s. on the account we'll forward to the customer.

7) Delivery terms and expenses

Before proceeding with the product shipping, Cunzato S.r.l.s. shall receive the payment from the Consumer.The delivery expenses, will be charged for shipping in Italy as indicated:
  • 7,90 (vat included) for orders up to 10 Kg
  • 9,90 (vat included) for orders over 10 Kg
  • Free delivery for orders above € 89 (vat excluded)
Deliveries to UE countries will vary according to the country of destination.Alcohol will be shipped separately to USA and Canada with different delivery expanses.The goods will be delivered by courier in 7 days (with the exception of the articles in the section ”on request”) from the day after the confirmation of payment, only in the national territory. Any delay up 30 days has not to be considered either a cause of cancellation of the contract or a right to refund.
The Supplier guarantees the availability of the articles on the on-line catalogue at the moment of publication of it, but he can't guarantee this availability in case of a new order of the same articles because the goods could be out of stock.
Potential packaging damages or undelivered partial order have to be immediately notified to the shipper, accepting the delivery subject to checks of the goods; then the Consumer commits to notify to Cunzato S.r.l. within 10 days, by registered mail, potential discrepancy of delivered goods.Unless otherwise specified, delivery refers to the street level.

8) Communication and complaint:

All communications can be sent to the following e-mail: info@cunzato.comAny complaint must to be sent by registered post with recorded delivery to the following address:Cunzato S.r.l.s.Piazza Federico Chopin n.390144 PALERMO

9) Rescission of the contract:

In accordance with the D.Lgs 206/2005, the “Consumer” according to the art. 3 of D.Lgs. n. 206/2005 can excercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receipt of the product by  registered post with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to: Cunzato S.r.l.s.Piazza Federico Chopin n.390144 PALERMOThe product must be shipped back to Cunzato S.rl.s. untouched with shipping cost at client's charge, expect in the event of goods not conforming to contract.

10) Online jurisdiction: