About us

Our project

Cunzàto is an idea of 4 Sicilian young entrepreneurs who, pushed by the love for their own family company devoted to the cultivation of organic products from generations, are looking at the new internationalization business ventures for the promotion of their land. For that reason they have selected the excellences of the island to promote them abroad.

The project was born in 2012 when we con-found Sam Spina Importing Co., a wholesale food and wine distributor of imported Sicilian products based in Birmingham, Alabama. The Sam Spina Importing's success is what led us to increase the business with cunzato.com and its products.

Cunzàto is an e-commerce web site for the nostalgic of the old flavour, it is a sensory experience box full of scents, colours and authentic tastes of our land. It combines the tradition of old Sicilian products and raw materials with the innovation of vibrant brands looking at the global market.

All the products available in Cunzàto.com are accurately selected according to the corporate philosophy: natural processing linked to the Sicilian traditions and culinary art; high quality raw materials coming just from our land.

Our intent is to bring the old traditional recipes of our region and the history of Sicilian food and wine to your homes, promoting the mediterranean diet with its seasonal and healthy products.

Cunzàto team

Enrico Napoli, Founder and CEO
He’s been running for years the family farm with a great international market orientation. Thanks to his several trips all around the world and a long stay in USA, he become the co-founder and import manager of the Sam Spina Importing Company Inc. in Birmingham, AL.

Alessandro Lo Re, Founder and COO
He has 20 year long experience in the area of trade and remarkable skills in sales strategies and negotiation. His passion for wine and high quality food led him to start in 2012 the Sam Spina Importing Company Inc., in Birmingham, AL, which imports and sells Sicilian wines in USA.

Ornella Spina, Marketing and Communication Manager
She is trainer and communication consultant for local small and medium-sized enterprises, expert in social media marketing and web content marketing. Ornella is passionate about photography and advertising and she believes that there’s no professionalism without creativity.

Simona Alagna, Pubblic Relations and Event Manager
Due to her long experience in event management and International Hospitality, she’s expert in enogastronomic tours and food congress and fairs. It was her love for travel that brought her to live in Spain for years, working in multicultural contest and pursuing her passion for foreign languages and cultures.

Emma Flynn, Sales Representative Benelux/U.K.
She has recently joined our team as the Benelux/U.k. representative. Emma has lived in Sicily for over 10 years and is driven by her love of Sicilian culture, food & wine. She will be avaible for your queries based in these areas.

Cunzato America

In 2012 we founded Sam Spina Importing Co., a wholesale food and wine distributor of imported Sicilian products based in Birmingham, Alabama, with our american partner, lawyer Tommy Spina. 

In last years our company grown, becaming a leader in fine food and wine importing business.

The Sam Spina Importing's success is what led us to increase the business with cunzato.com and its products.

American market is one our goal and we created special products and selection for our customers from Usa and Canada.

Vino Spina a Birmingham
A Birmingham, 4 nuovi vini siciliani